What is a Promotion package?
With Zutzu there are different options for promoting your vacancy depending on what kind of features you are looking for and if you are hiring locally or internationally.

What is a trial version?
A trial version is a free vacancy that is published and applicants can apply. To access contact information and accept or reject the candidate you will have to upgrade with one of the promoting packages. Save money with purchase of a promotion package directly as the price is lower than upgrading a trial ad.

Why promoting with Zutzu?
We’ll share your vacancy ad with the Zutzu community and you will benefit from all Zutzu’s social media channels reaching over a million of candidates all over Europe. You can choose to promote your ad locally or internationally. Our affordable add-ons include dedicated marketing through social media channels and recruitment assistance. If you need assistance our recruitment experts are ready to take over the recruitment process.

How to purchase the promotion packages and add-ons?
All you need to promote is a valid credit card. Please fill in your credit card details and if needed save it for further purchases.

What promotion package suits me?
You can choose between standard and premium packages and add additional features to your ad to boost recruitment. Basic and premium packages are further divided into local and international promotion. Please note, local promotion prices depend on the location of the work. Trial version Job ad active on Zutzu for 14 days Unlimited amount of applications Basic promotion package Job ad active on Zutzu for 30 days Unlimited amount of application 10 pending offers, deactivate offer if you change your mind and want to send it to another candidate View candidate details Confirm or reject candidates applying Premium promotion package Job ad active on Zutzu for 45 days Unlimited amount of application Unlimited offers View candidate details Confirm or reject candidates applying Visible company details option Premium visibility – first in search Ad shown in suggestion list Possibility to become verified employer

What is the difference between a local and international ad?
Local ad – promote in your home country Promote your ad locally in the country where the work is located.

International ad – promote abroad
For multiple job ads choose one of our subscription plans with dedicated recruitment support, designed to promote your opportunity and attract the best candidates.

Can I get help with the recruitment?
Yes, Zutzu offers dedicated recruitment assistance where you will get help to find the right candidate. Our recruitment experts all over Europe are ready to assist with recruitment, vacancy ad writing and promoting. Package includes administration fees. Price: 1-3 hours 50 €/h (minimum 2 hours) 4-7 hours 40 €/h Workday 8 hours: 30 €/h

What is the social media promotion add-on?
With the social media promotion you will access the forums where candidates are active. The add-on includes job ad distribution and targeted marketing in multiple channels all over the social media field. Package includes administration fee and advertisement. Price: 50 € (including 40 € marketing costs and 10 € administration fee).