What is a vacancy?
A vacancy is a job advertisement for an unoccupied position posted by an employer.

How can I view vacancies?
You can view vacancies directly by clicking on “Vacancies” when logged in. With different search options you can search for a vacancy that suits you. Click “View” to get a full description on the vacancy.

How can I apply for a vacancy?
Once you have found a vacancy that you want to apply to, press “Apply to vacancy” and add a description, for example a short cover letter why you are applying for this vacancy. If you want to suggest another pay rate than the one the employer has provided in the ad, press “I want different pay rate” and add information about why you want the specific pay rate. Please also indicate if you are available to accept the new job immediately.

Is it possible to apply for more than one vacancy?
Yes, you can apply for as many vacancies as you want.

How can I view what candidates I have applied for?
On the dashboard you will see a summary on how many applications you have active. Applied are applications that have been sent where the employer still has not reacted. Offered are incoming offers from employers that are awaiting your confirmation or rejection. Accepted are applications that have been confirmed by the employer and you will contact directly for more information on the recruitment process. Rejected are applications that the employer has rejected and the recruitment process for these cases have ended, or you have withdrawn your application

How do I know if my application has been accepted or rejected?
Go to Dashboard or Applications to access all your applications.

Can I be in direct contact with the employer?
If the employer has chosen to give the contact details you will find these contact details in the add.

Are my contact details visible to anyone?
Your contact details will be visible to the employer only after you have sent an application.

My application has been accepted, does this mean I have been hired?
The final decision to hire a candidate is with the employer and the contract will be signed directly between the candidate and the employer. An accepted application does not automatically mean that you have been hired, but the employer has chosen you for further recruitment. At this stage you and the employer can contact each other directly.

Can I withdraw an application?
Yes, you can withdraw an application already sent. A withdrawn application cannot be recovered.