Can I edit my profile?
Yes, you can edit your profile any time by clicking on “Edit Profile“

Can I create and edit my CV with Zutzu?
Yes, you can create your CV by giving the proper information in the fields in the Edit Profile.

What kind of files can I upload?
You can upload any files needed such as certificates, licenses, passports etc.

Can I delete my files?
Yes, you can delete any files if so needed.

Can I view my uploaded files?
Yes, you can view your uploaded files by clicking on the documents.

Can I print my CV?
Yes, you can print and download your CV in PDF format.

Can I receive notifications from Zutzu?
Yes, you can receive notification but you have to give your agreement to receive the notification on your profile. We recommend you to allow Zutzu to send you notifications so you are aware of new actions.