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8 Ways To Adjust After Moving to a New Country

8 Ways To Adjust After Moving To a New Country

The thought of moving to a new country can be scary. Most times, our excitement about the amazing opportunities that come with relocating to a new country overshadows the scary parts until reality sets in. We already discussed the best ways to move abroad, but what will happen once you jump that train or catch that flight? Many people that moved to a new country didn’t realize how connected they are to their culture until they experience a different one. It doesn’t end here. If there is a language barrier, which is the case in most situations, the thoughts of your native country will always fill your head.

So, if you are moving to a new country soon, make sure you have it at the back of your mind that the waves of change will hit you. There is no way you won’t feel the impact. When I moved to Ireland in 2015, it took me a while to adjust to the new reality. I decided not to allow the situation to get the best of me. My escape mechanism was to embrace the change.

What are your reasons for relocating to another country? Job, adventure, or whatever it may be, the best way to fit in is to embrace the new experience and savoring each moment as much as you can.

Zutzu's blogs and e-books provide people who just moved into a new country with relevant information and details on how they can get along with their new life. For individuals who relocated abroad without having a job yet, Zutzu can connect such people with the most suitable job opportunities in their new countries.

Here are the tips to embrace the experience after moving to a new country:

Understand the culture

Before you move to a new country, make sure you find out about the culture before your arrival. I advise you to understand the behavioral standards - this eases the anxiety and makes it easier for you to settle down in the country. Waiting until you get to the new country before you find out the standards of behavior can result in an unpleasant experience. Go online, learn the cultural norms that are acceptable in the country. If you can, make friends with people from this country on social media. You can also join communities or groups of other individuals who also moved to the country from other countries - ask them about their experiences. When you have comprehensive knowledge about the culture, it becomes easier and faster to settle in.

Learn the language of the new country

If you are moving to a new country where a different language from yours is spoken, learn the language before you jet off. You don’t have to attain the highest level of language proficiency - the elementary level of proficiency is an impressive start. Focus on the simple words like: “good morning, good day, good afternoon, good evening, hello, how are you, thank you, and other simple words.” For a start, these simple words will make it easy for you to interact with people in your little way. Even if you don’t speak the language of the country where you want to move, you can during the job search use Zutzu’s automatic translations to translate both vacancies and chat with potential employers.

Embrace the fact that you will miss home

You can’t take it out of things you will experience when you move to a new country. The environment, people, food, language, and culture can make you feel unwanted or lost in a new country. These feelings make you think more about home - your friends, families, and fun. Expect this to happen, but don’t get overwhelmed in it. Do not allow this experience outshine the need to enjoy and explore your new home. Instead of getting too comfortable talking with friends and family back home at every point in time, invest that energy in going out and making new friends.

Make your home a sanctuary

Your apartment should be set up to offer peace of mind and relief. Your abode should be your sanctuary. Make sure you do all you can to make it look like a home. Infuse your personality into your home, add things that will make you remember and appreciate what you left behind in your native country. You can hang favorite pictures of your loved ones around your apartment, and you can paint it in a similar color to your apartment back at home. This will make your apartment a place you will always love to come back to, and it would control the change from becoming too obvious.

Make your apartment a sanctuary after moving to a new country to feel like at home.

Don’t forget to explore and have fun

The idea of traveling to a new country is to experience a new way of life that is different from what you are familiar with. Make sure you go out to discover the amazing things around your new environment. When you do this, it becomes easier to settle in and appreciate the beauty of your new environment. Visit popular destinations, take a walk, and focus on everything that happens around you.

Try out traditional food

Resist the urge to restrict yourself to the food you are familiar with. Trying out the traditional food options in your new country offers you the opportunity to know more about the country. Visit the local restaurants and try out traditional dishes. Eat like a native. Make sure you find a balance between your favorite food and the native food.

Restructure your schedule

You are now in a new country, and the schedule and routine will be different from what it was back at home in your native country. Study the people around you and adjust your schedule or routine to the present reality.

Make a plan and follow it through

Come up with a list of things you want to achieve once you relocate to that country of your choice. Don’t just list them out, follow them through by taking necessary steps.

Settling down in your new country is just the first step

While trying to fit into the present reality, make sure you do not lose your focus as a result of things happening in your new environment. You must not forget about your loved ones back in your native country - make sure you don’t break the ties. They are your support system, distance should never be an excuse. Hey, this is 2020 - it’s a digital world!

Do you live abroad at the moment? How did you adjust to the new realities? Share your thoughts with other readers still thinking about moving abroad.

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Mieszkam w Holandii, początki nie były łatwe. Ale z czasem zawsze jest lepiej :)

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